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Version 1.0 & 2.0

  • Version 1.0 and 2.0 were in the developmental stage and many functions and features were upgraded by Version 2.1, soon to be replaced when Version 3.0 was released.

Version 3.0 (Fall 2003)

  • Three levels of QB POS; Basic, Pro, and Pro Multi-Store
  • New search capability for records and documents
  • New item listing procedure on documents
  • New customer listing procedure on documents
  • New toolbar and screen configurations that make tasks flow efficiently
  • The following new features and enhancements are in the Pro version:

Style Grid, Assembly Items, Multi-Vendor/Multi-UPC per inventory item, Layaways, Sales Orders, Serial Number Tracking, and Custom Security Groups.

  • Multi-store can effectively manage up to 10 stores

Version 4.0 (Fall 2004)

  • Windows standard menus contains all program functions, grouped by function area even when the main icon bar and side bar are turned off.
  • Main icon bar is customizable for each workstation to add, remove, and arrange buttons to meet the needs at each workstation.  The main icon bar can be turned off to free up space if desired.
  • Window Icon Bar contains buttons for frequently used commands related to the current window or activity.
  • Open Windows List allows several windows to be open at one time.  You can toggle between windows without going through the menu or icon bar.
  • Task Lists displays and allows selection of common tasks related to the current activity.  The task list is also available from the task button at the bottom left of the active window.  This way the Task List is always available, even if the side bar is turned off.
  • Help with Current Window introduces a new level of help providing task-specific help for the current window.  Click this Help button or select “Help on This Window” from the main Help menu.
  • Other new features include:

Inventory Reminders. Price Rounding, Discount Pricing, Group Items, Merchant Service Provider, Accept PIN Debit/ATM Card Payments, Track Work Orders, and several other less major features and enhancements


Version 5.0 (Fall 2005)

  • Sell and Redeem Gift Cards
  • Track Item History
  • More Flexibility to Customize
  • Many other improvements for printing, reports, etc.

Version 6.0 (Fall 2006)

  • Improved Navigator & Dashboard
  • Improved working with lists - Items, Customers, Vendors
  • Accept Tips
  • Ratings & Trends ranks Items & Customers
  • Time Clock to track employee's hours
  • Multiple Units of Measure

Version 7.0 (Fall 2007)

  • Merge Similar Inventory Items
  • Add Longer Item Descriptions
  • Easily Reconcile Credit Card Deposits
  • View Merchant Account Activity Reports Online
  • Track & Reward Loyal Customers with the new Customer Reward Manager
  • Add Pictures to Inventory Items
  • Employee Time Clock Records to QuickBooks for Payroll
  • Shipping Integration using the Shipping Manager for FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.
  • Automatic Store Exchange for Multi-Store Version using Intuit Servers

Version 8.0 (Fall 2008)

  • Increased Number of Workstations from 10 to 20 Workstations
  • New Simple Receipt View (Great with Touch Screen Monitors)
  • New Signature Capture for Credit Card signing
  • Inventory Turn Statistic
  • Suggested Reorder Quantities based on Sales Activity as well as Item Re-order points
  • Reorder Points by Store - Multi-Store Version
  • Increased Number of Stores from 10 to 20 Stores in the Multi-Store version

 Version 9.0 (Fall 2009)
       Version 9.0 Basic and above

  • Customers can be assigned in the Simple Receipt view.  You can now use customer rewards and customer charge accounts in the Simple Receipt view.
  • Quick-add inventory items not already in inventory through a simplified item dialog and later go back and add more detail as needed.
  • A new “Customer Center” offers quick insight into your customers – how many there are, how many are returning, and how much they are buying.  Also includes the ability to create targeted customer lists for email, letters, mailing labels, or export to files.
  • E-mail marketing has been integrated.  You can create targeted customer lists to take advantage of sales information in your system, such as customers that have not made purchases in the last 90 days, and send it automatically to Constant Contact or export to a file for manual upload to another service.
  • Customer creation date has been added to report lists and filters.

       Version 9.0 Pro

  • Coupons can be scanned / entered on receipts.  They can be defined along with other discount types and automatically applied to items on a sales receipt by scanning or entering the number.  To encourage return visits, you can optionally print coupons along with receipts based upon criteria such as frequency, sales amount, and more.
  • Emailing receipts can be prompted when the sales receipt is complete. For customers that do not have an email address in the system you can enter when prompted who the sales receipt is complete
  • You can now modify tag sizing for Avery Label.

Version 10.0 Pro

  • Added Multi-Store capability eliminating purchasing more expensive software.
  • Item Notes Area
  • Improved Search
  • Item Quick Pick allows you to add items to sales receipts that don't normally have barcodes.
  • Messages area to post sticky note reminders. System notes in blue text. Your reminders with black text.


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