POS Highlights

Keys: Integration, Ease of Use, Inventroy Control, Reports, Making Sales, Customer Relations.

quickbooks point-of-sale


Version 12.0 Improved

It's future ready.

    • It's faster. 10x faster startup times, item selection, customer look-up—even sales are faster. If only everything in business were this streamlined
    • It's smarter. You're all set up for EMV PIN - and Chip Cards, with the latest payment technology and data security. (Nice to be ahead of the curve.)
    • It's better. It integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks. And automatic payment reconciliation matches your transactions with your deposits. Done

    With some pretty impressive "past" built in.

      • Mobile Sync. Anytime, anywhere check-out.5 Automatic inventory updates. Win-win.
      • Process credit card sales right in POS. No double entries. No reconciling. No errors. In no time.
      • Inventory control. Up-to-the-second tracking: What you've got, what's hot(and what's not).
      • Customer appreciation in a very customized way: Offer your buyers rewards programs. Invite them to special sales. (Hint: It will bring them back often.)
      • And yes. It integrates brilliantly with QuickBooks 2015 and older versions.




Complete Integration

    • Merchant Service with Intuit Payment Solutions (IPS) simplifies the payment process on sales.  In the Sales Receipt, simply click Credit, swipe the card, you’re done.  No duplicate entry required in a standalone CC Terminal.  (No Contracts, No Cancellation Fees ever)
    • One click of the mouse and your day’s transactions are immediately transferred to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise Solutions.  No data to download and then upload into the accounting software where you do your banking, pay bills & employees, and view financial reports.



Ease of Use
Ease of Use

    • Easy desktop navigation to most daily function
    • Easy to get started using Setup Interview Wizard
    • Easy to learn and train others


Inventory Control
Inventrol Control

    • Add, Sell, or adjust inventory items gives complete transaction history
    • Instant reports on best-selling items
    • Reorder points gives you reminders to order when stock gets low
    • Inventory turn statistic reports
    • Import inventory items from QuickBooks, Excel, CSV, or Vendor Catalogs.



Making Sales,

Customer Relations


  • More than 80 reports and graphs to manage your business
  • Most all reports can be customized and memorized for repeated use.

Making Sales

    • Simple, fast, easy.  Scan barcode, enter item name – as you type POS items are filtered – the more typed the shorter the filtered list.
    • Quick Pick Items – Simple click to open Quick Pick Groups that can have 1 to many inventory items assigned to various Quick Pick Groups. Simple quick access to high volume items or other items you assign to a Quick Pick Group.
    • Mobile Sales and take Payment from anywhere; on the store floor, sidewalk sales, or events like trade shows, etc.


    Custmer Relations

      • Setup Customer Rewards to keep your customers coming back.
      • Communicate special offers or events to your customers using your defined filters for your email campaign.  Your filter might be those not making a purchase since a date your select, or those buying certain types of inventory items.


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